Don Tacho Ta-Chi-Tos 200g | Cheese Puffed Corn Snack

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Made in Mexico

If you like cheesy, addicting snacks, Ta-Chi-Tos are calling. They are unlike anything you'll find at the grocery store. Ta-chi-tos are baked small puffed snacks seasoned to perfection. They are a wonderland of cheese, crunch, and puff. 

The pack comes with ten bags and unlike most bags of chips, these bags are full. 

*Availability is limited as all chips are imported from Mexico*

  • Chips are delicate, we ensure they are packaged safely to arrive to you in great condition.  
  • Try these with Chamoy Azteca, our all-natural homemade chamoy. Guaranteed to be a shockingly good surprise.

Maiz inflado con queso.


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