Spicy Mexican Candy Box 2 lbs


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Made in Mexico ūüá≤ūüáŬ†

Comes with 2 pounds of delicious and spicy imported Mexican candy

These delicious¬†Mexican¬†spicy¬†candy ūüć¨ boxes¬†have traditional candy made in Mexico. Each¬†box¬†is carefully selected and put together to bring back memories and add smiles to your day. It also works as a great surprise gift or party favor for friends and family. The¬†candy you receive will rotate month to month but rest assured, they will all be¬†spicy.

Currently, we are putting together these spicy Mexican candy boxes from the following candies:

  • Pelon Pelo Rico Sal y Limon
  • Zumba Pica Goma
  • Pulparindo Hard Candy
  • Jovy Revolcaditas
  • Vero Pica Goma
  • Pulparindo
  • Rellerindo
  • Vero Elote Paleta
  • Portico Candy Power
  • Vero Rebanadita Paleta Sandi
  • Pelon Pelo Rico Mini
  • El Azteca Mega Cuchara Rica
  • Karla Vasito
  • Lucas Muecas
  • Sonrics rockaleta
  • Super Rebanaditas Paleta
  • Lucas Salsagheti
  • Karla Vaso Tamarindo
  • Pelon Pelonazo
  • Many, many more

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We hope you enjoy these bags of goodness as much as we do! 

  • Mexican candy¬†is delicate, we ensure they are packaged safely to arrive to you in great condition.¬†¬†

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