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(more like 1/4 pepper, very subtle spice added)

A much loved and popular Mexican snack, Manzela Japanese Peanuts come coated with a crunchy edible shell that has a hint of spice. Very delicious! 

These cacahuates japones save the day when used to prevent you from entering the hangry zone.

You can also offer a bag of these delightful treats to your guests, you'll be glad you ordered!

Each case comes with 50 bags that weigh 1.76oz.
Tasty tip: Try them with a little lime juice and Valentina

P.S. But what are Japanese peanuts doing in Mexico? As the story goes, a Japanese immigrant named Yoshigei Nakatani created them in Mexico City in the late 1940s and sold them in La Merced Market. The people loved them and ever since they have been woven into the Mexican snack world.

We hope you enjoy them as much as we do!

*Availability is limited as all candy is imported from Mexico*

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