Vero Pica Goma 100 ct | Chewy Mexican Candy

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Mexican Candy- strawberry or watermelon flavored gummies coated with chili.

A favorite Mexican candy, Vero Pica Goma delivers a zing with every piece! This combination of strawberry 🍓or watermelon 🍉and spice 🌶 really hits the spot.

These addicting little balls of bliss won't last long so think twice before you share 😉If you decide to share, we recommend opening the bag into a jar and having them around the kitchen.

Each case comes with 100 pieces, each .21 oz
Tip: These are perfect for piñatas, goody bags, and as a gift 🎁

*Availability is limited as all candy is imported from Mexico*

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  • Candy is delicate, we ensure they are packaged safely to arrive to you in great condition.  

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