By HLA Haltom

Is the ice cream you are eating delicious and high quality?

We will show you how we make the best and what to look for when enjoying ice cream! 

While there are many ways to answer this question. We will keep it simple as all of our research and experimenting points to two key questions. First, we need to know the ingredients, and second, we need to know how the ice cream melts. Let's review a high-level overview of our ice cream making process.

Step 1 - Preparing the Ingredients

Question 1 - What ingredients are we using?

First, we handcraft the non-base ingredients. For Coco Helado, one of our most popular flavors, we use a family recipe passed that originated in Mexticacan, Jalisco, our hometown in Mexico. The night before, we slowly cook coconut, milk, cream, and vanilla. We then allow it to cool overnight. Other companies simply add artificial flavoring and call it a day.


Step 2

Then, we make our base with cream, milk, sugar, corn starch, lite corn syrup, and salt. (although some recipes do require brown sugar, and or cream cheese) Ingredients are all-natural, no preservatives added. Some companies might add up to 25% water, use powdered milk or powdered cream to replace the milk, the cream or both. They might also use ingredients that begin with mono, di-glycerides or high fructose corn syrup.


Step 3

Question 2 - How does the ice cream melt?

We will now add half of our Coco family recipe to our base and save the other half. Now the fun part!! We slowly pour our mix into the ice cream machine, in about 7 minutes it is ready! We place our now ice cream in a container and mix in the other half of the coconut family recipe. Donezo. This is a critical step as other companies use this step to inject more air than the ice cream requires. One way to find out is to allow the ice cream to melt. If your melted ice cream is mostly white, foamy bubbles, you've been duked. Real ice cream melts into a creamy, milky liquid.


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