Our Story

Our story starts back in 1995 when our family immigrated to the US from a small town in Mexico, Mexticacan, known for making paletas and ice cream. Something unanticipated when moving to the US was the lack of these traditional Mexican treats in the flavors most familiar to us - i.e. Mamey, Cajeta, Gansito, Rompope and more. After searching without avail, we decided to throw ourselves into bringing the flavors of our hometown to the US. Hence the first Helados La Azteca location opened its doors in Waco circa 1998. Growing up, we loved being "Aztecas" helping around the store and we knew our family was on to something. We opened our second location in Haltom City in 2016. Since we have expanded our product offerings to include other treats keeping our goal in mind, to share our Mexico inspired experience with the US. 

Currently, we have three locations that serve the public, two in Waco and one in Fort Worth, Texas.

We of course manufacture ice cream and paletas focusing on Hispanic flavors in Waco and Fort Worth. If you are looking to add a little piece of Mexico to your shop, reach out, we are happy to help. Contact us