Sabritas Cheetos Xtra Flamin Hot, Mexican Chips 145g

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Tired of endlessly looking for your favorite Mexican chips (Sabritas Mexicanas)? Went on vacation and fell in love with Cheetos Xtra Flamin Hot Mexico Sabritas? Or maybe you are a native and these yummy chips are no longer around the corner? Fear no more, we have your covered. HLA understands your struggle and wants to satisfy your cravings. 

If you like the hot Cheetos Xtra Flamin Hot sold in the U.S., these are similar except bigger and with more hot seasoning on them! They are DELICIOUS! The crunch is a bit different too, maybe not as hard since they aren’t as small and thin. The crunch is like a mix between puffs and regular Cheetos. So GOOD!

*Availability is limited as all chips are imported from Mexico*

cheetos xtra flamin hot sabritas

  • Chips are delicate, we ensure they are packaged safely to arrive to you in great condition.  
  • Try these with Chamoy Azteca, our all-natural homemade chamoy. Guaranteed to be a shockingly good surprise.


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