By Victor Garcia

Top 10 Mexican Candy of 2020 to stash during COVID-19

Quarantines and precautions continue as the year progresses. While distance makes it challenging, it also makes it all the more important that we find creative ways to experience joyful memories. We pride ourselves in delivering a little piece of Mexico to your doorstep, we hope you enjoy!

We'll share with you Mexican candy that made a big splash in 2020. Some will be classics, but we will also share new, must-try candy and snacks that are perfect for enjoying at home with your COVID-19 team.

10. Jovy Revolcaditas

Heat Level  

A Mexican Candy with a hard exterior coated with chile powder and a gooey sweet center. It comes in bags with approximately 28 pieces. These little guys are great for binge-watching your favorite shows or playing board games. 

Flavors: mango and watermelon 🍉 



9. Vero Pica Sandia

Heat Level   

Delicious watermelon flavored gummies coated with chili.

Vero Pica Goma Sandia delivers a zing with every piece! This combination of watermelon 🍉and spice 🌶 really hits the spot.

These addicting little balls of bliss won't last long so think twice before you share 😉If you decide to share, we recommend opening the bag into a jar and having them around the kitchen.

Each case comes with 100 pieces each .21 oz
Also great for piñatas, goody bags, and as a gift 🎁



8. Manzelazo Cacahuate Japones (Giant Size)

Heat Level   

(more like 1/4 pepper, very subtle spice added)

A much loved and popular Mexican snack, Manzela Japanese Peanuts come coated with a crunchy edible shell that has a hint of spice. Very delicious! 

These cacahuates japones save the day when used to prevent you from entering the hangry zone.

You can also offer a bag of these delightful treats to your guests on game night.... Well, in COVID-19 times, it is more like sharing with the quarantine team. Stay safe.

Each case comes with 10 bags that weigh 6.34oz
Tasty tip: Try them with a little lime juice and Valentina salsa

P.S. But what are Japanese peanuts doing in Mexico? As the story goes, a Japanese immigrant named Yoshigei Nakatani created them in Mexico City in the late 1940s and sold them in La Merced Market. The people loved them and ever since they have been woven into the Mexican snack world



7. Lucas Muecas Pepino

Heat Level  

Lucas Muecas is a pepino flavored lollipop that is salty, sweet, sour, and spicy all at once!

Included is an abundance of pepino chili powder that is ready to satisfy your Mexican candy craving.

You'll want to preferably be at the kitchen table as it is a hands-on experience of sucking and dipping the lollipop in the chili powder container until you run out of chili or the lollipop disappears.

Each case comes with 10 Lucas Muecas Pepino lollipops each 16 g.



6. Sonrics Rockaleta

Heat Level  

Rockaletas are delicious Mexican lollipops that take you on a multi-layered ride, starting spicy, then turning sweet with every lick until you hit its mango flavored gum center. They are not your average pop as they are quite big and take 5 to 10 minutes to consume. You have been warned!

Each pack comes with three lollipops.

If you are looking to add a little piece of Mexico to your pantry, these will do the trick.

5. Super Rebanaditas Sandia 

Heat Level  

One of, if not, the most popular Mexican Candy, these paleta pops will challenge you to conquer their outer coat of mind-blowing spicy chili powder before reaching the super-sweet, watermelon-flavored delicious center.

Super Rebanaditas will make your heart happy only if you are devoted enough to fight through the sometimes seemingly endless layer of spice.

These lollipops are great to enjoy while watching a movie.

Each case comes with 20 Super Rebanaditas lollipops each 25 g. 



4. Mini Pelon Sal y Limon

Heat Level   

(more like 1/10 pepper, almost unnoticeable hint of spice)

These mini pelones made the list in part to their cuteness but primarily to the ingenious and delicious twist of lime that replaced the classic tamarindo flavor.

So yes, if you like lime, you will love this Mexican candy. Each case comes with 18 Pelones, 13 grams a piece.

P.S. The treat's name loosely translates in English to "Yummy-Hair Baldie". because the candy is squeezed out of a tube through a grate. 



3. Mazapan cubierto de chocolate

Mazapan covered in a thin layer of milk chocolate. A very delicious Mexican chocolate to have around the house to snack on. The chocolate layer helps the mazapan maintain its integrity and makes it easier to enjoy.

Each pack comes with 16 Mazapanes. Each mazapan is 25g. Total- 400g.

Best if kept in a safe, dry spot.

P.S. Mazapan is made of Marzipan, a confection consisting primarily of honey and almond meal. It is often made into sweets. Marzipan made its way to Europe from China, its country of origin. It was then brought to Mexico from Spain where it is known by its Spanish word Mazapan.



2. Pulparindots Mango (Soft Mexican Candy)

Heat Level   

Soft tamarindo candy that is coated with a top layer of mango flavor while the inside is filled with tamarind pulp.

Each case comes with 12 packs, 12.8 oz total. 

These little balls are fun to play games with as well as add to mangonadas! In the comments section let us know what games you played to stay sane during the COVID-19 quarantine. 



1. Portico Powdered Candy

Heat Level   

The authentic tasty flavor of the little parakeet, Portico made the number one slot as it has for many years now delivered a delicious salty and spicy kick to our everyday lives. Particularly now, as many of us are either at home or work, tangy portico powder is nice to have around to add to fruit, beer, or seafood.

Although we do not recommend, if you are up for a challenge, try consuming an entire pack in one sitting. 

Net Wt. 5.29oz - Contains 10 pieces.


In closing

We hope you enjoyed the list, found new Mexican treats and re-discovered old favorites. Let us know what you think. If you have a candy that should have made the list, add it below. We love hearing from you! Until next time.

Here is a more comprehensive list of Mexican candies and snacks. Hope you enjoy!



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